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Photography Workshop

After much inquiry, I will be hosting a photography workshop this Saturday, April 10 (late notice, I know).  You are welcome to come and learn some of the basic, and not-so-basic skills of taking better photos.  Additionally, all of the proceeds will be donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis.  So not only will you be getting a great educational experience, you will be helping support the youth of our community.

The Saturday afternoon program will consist of two sessions.  The first session will be geared toward beginners (those of you who have never taken your camera off of “P” or “AUTO” should come for this one) and begin at 2:00 P.M.  It will address some of the basic settings on your camera, and the class will also teach you how to compose, frame, and light your subjects to create the most flattering photo possible.  We will discuss things such as ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, and explain how to use them to your advantage.  You will be surprised at the great photos that you can create with a simple point & shoot camera!

The second session, which starts at 4:00 P.M. will be geared toward those who already understand the basics of photography, and want to work on the nitty gritty that will help set you apart from the crowd.  This class will focus on topics such as posing, advanced shutter/aperture techniques, shooting in various lighting situations, and properly using a flash or studio strobe.  For this class, I hope to have a model available for us to have a subject to photograph.

Please RSVP via Facebook (seems like the easy way to do things) through the link below.  I just want to gauge how many people I should expect.


Each session is only $10, and I guarantee you will have a long-lasting improvement in your photography skills after this weekend.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  I hope to see you all this Saturday!

-Jon Brewer

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