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Graham & Monica’s Engagement Shoot

I love doing engagement sessions, and I’m glad I was able to do one yesterday because it’s been a while.  During these shoots, I get to know the couple, find out their personality, and overall it’s just a very laid-back, fun, and entertaining session.  Yesterday’s was a bit different however…you see, I’ve known both Graham and his fiancée, Monica, since what feels like the beginning of time.  This means I went into yesterday’s shoot already knowing their personalities (very fun!) and a little more laid back than usual.  These photos were taken both in Graham’s awesome backyard and at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (as you can see below).

Graham & Monica in front of the famous "LOVE" piece.

In front of the barn in Graham's backyard. I love barndoor photos!


Don't turn around, there's cutesy stuff going on behind you!

One of my faves. The sunlight was perfect right here.

We actually came up with this cool idea of taking Graham and Monica’s pictures by each of the numbers at the “Numbers 0-9″ piece by Robert Indiana.  They plan on using the digits for the table number displays, which I think is a wonderful idea!

We did this for every digit. Thankfully we didn't get kicked out!

Graham was hilarious in these.

And here’s a really rough/poor mockup of how the table number might appear.  Sorry, I’m a photographer, not a graphic designer, haha.

I had the couple draw each other's bodies on the art paper. Hilarious.

They look like pros

They’re such a fun couple, and a great couple of a friends of mine.  I can’t wait for their wedding this September!

Keri Kay - The dog shot and the one below it are my faves. Great work!

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