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Jordan Hebbe

As many of you know, today was the day Indianapolis turned into a Maytag oven, and was set to over 100F.  Crazy as it is, however, us photographers are passionate about what we do, and when model Jordan Hebbe got a hold of me last evening asking if I still wanted to work through the heat, I had only one answer.  Oh he** yeah!  So, late afternoon today, Jordan, her mother (as escort), my assistant Greg, and I ventured out through the wilderness of Shelbyville and created one amazing photo shoot through the searing summer heat.  Much thanks obviously to Jordan for being a wonderful model and putting up with my usual antics.  Also, thank you to Mrs. Hebbe for being one of the “cool moms” as well as picking up our dinner tab!  And last but not least, thanks to Greg Scharton for doing all the dirty work setting up heavy lights, batteries, stands, etc…all outside in the crazy heat!  Enjoy the photos, and please let me know what you think!

barbsimo - Jon, that model is hotter then any Indiana day!
She is gorgeous, and your pics are beautiful!

Maui Photographer - Great use of light, you really have an amazing eye. The choice of locations is great as well.

Lyndsay Undseth - Gorgeous images and model! Great job!

Saadia Me'Chel - Pure awesomeness!!! I’m drooling over the lighting in these. Fantastic…

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