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Hey, I’m Jon.

I founded JBP in 2008. Things I love are cycling, craft beer, and events that require bow ties. On the flip side, I despise spiders. I’m typically found by day on my bike on a country road, or perhaps sipping on an Indiana brew by night. I chose wedding photography because I am blessed to witness two people, surrounded by an entire room full of happy friends and family, who are celebrating a new chapter in their lives. To capture these emotions, these moments, this love…is a passion that drives me to do what I do. It is nothing short of breathtaking.

Hello, I’m Kelsey!

I joined JBP in 2010 as a dress fixer, professional dress bow tier, hair fixer and boutonniere pinner; however, in addition to such important roles I am honored to be a part of JBP to capture all the special moments from a different angle. From surfing through my favorite blogs – or searching endlessly for the perfect pair of shoes – my motto of ‘smile, you’ll be happier’ carries through in my personal approach to life. In my spare time, I enjoy cycling, drinking a good cup of chamomile lemon tea and playing with our lovely ‘doodle named Charles.

Woof! I’m Charles.

Clearly, I am the newest (and best) member of JBP. Born on June 25, 2012, my skills include chewing on sticks, napping, and playing fetch with my two JBP partners.