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Congrats to the Indianapolis Colts!  AFC champs and Miami-bound!

Special props to Collie and Garçon for outstanding plays.  Definitely did not look like rookies today!

Photo of the Day – Jan 19

The first POTD for 2010!  This one comes from the Indianapolis Zoo.  I was out with some friends and just snapping pictures for fun, nothing serious in mind.  Fortunately though, this giraffe, name unknown, strikes a pose for me and I couldn’t help but take advantage.  :)

Kevin & Amy – One Year Later

A little over a year ago, I had the opportunity to do my first wedding under Jon Brewer Photography and not through my previous employer.  That wedding, of Kevin and Amy Eisert, would open the doors to an exciting 2009 with opportunities I had never imagined.  Now, about 14 months later, I was able to reconnect with the couple and get some great engagement-style photos.  The weather was pretty windy, which made walking around Holliday Park in Indianapolis a bit painful, but in the end, everything turned out nicely.  Enjoy.

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Jordan & Ashley Stowe

Winter weddings are a rare breed.  Fortunately, they can be just as whimsical, romantic, and fun.  And make for some amazing pictures of course, as is the case here.  I had the opportunity on December 19 to photograph the wedding of one of my fellow Volkswagen enthusiasts from Überdubs, Jordan Stowe, and his new wife Ashley.  They definitely know how to make a wedding fun and exciting.  Although not as much as we had hoped, snow did fall in Greenwood, IN at Triumph Church and later at Grafton Peek Ballroom.  I was able to sneak in a couple snowbound photos in the last little bits of the day before heading to the reception.  At the reception, the party stayed lively thanks Ted at Party Time Sound, Inc. and wonderful service from Jill and the bartender, Rod.  Congrats Jordan and Ashley, and hopefully 2010 is a happy one for the two of you!


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