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Winged Warrior Promo Shoot

Yesterday morning, I had the invitation from my buddy, Greg Scharton, to go help him with the promo shoot for next year’s Winged Warrior event.  It’s essentially an “import” vs. “domestic” car competition with events ranging from drag racing to autocross to a car show.  The best part about it is that all of the […]

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More Night Photography

So I ventured back out again in the wee hours of the morning, this time with my friend Greg, to get some more photos.  Fortunately and unfortunately it decided to rain.  This made for some cool reflections along the street, but it also made for some dangerously wet gear and water droplets on the lenses. […]

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Burning the Midnight Oil

According to Nikon (and many of its users) the D300/D300s are phenomenal cameras when it comes to low-light photography. I decided to put this to the test late last night and poke around downtown Indianapolis. Check out after the break for some interesting photos.

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