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University of Kentucky DanceBlue 2012

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the University of Kentucky‘s DanceBlue dance marathon. If you’re not familiar with the dance marathon idea, it’s 24 hours of non-stop dancing to raise money, often for childhood cancer. For DanceBlue specifically, the proceeds go to the University of Kentucky Pediatric Oncology Clinic’s Golden Matrix Fund. The […]

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The Bahamas – Days 5 & 6

Hello everyone! Gonna keep today’s post short and sweet. It’s sunny and warm and nice outside, and I need to take advantage of it. Anyways, on Wednesday we went snorkeling out on this little cove just east of Paradise Island and Atlantis. Interesting that the one day I’ll be in the water for over an […]

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The Bahamas – Day 4

No boring case of the Mondays today. The day started off with the usual morning jog around the beach. Seriously, if I had a tropical beach in my backyard, I would be in much, much better shape. Until today, it’s just been a lot of exploring and walking around discovering what Nassau has to offer. […]

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The Bahamas – Day 3

8:30 A.M. It’s now Sunday. This is officially the beginning of the week of activities according to the condo/resort owners. Many of the other guests arrived yesterday and we have orientation in a few. I’ve started another day with another run (trying not to get too fat, which happens all too often on vacations), but […]

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