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Big Art Prints!

So I decided to test out my art prints on a large scale.  I ordered one of my art photos in 24×36 size to eventually get framed and hung in a gallery downtown.  Check it out!  The lab does a great job by the way.  Mucho props to them

Sorry for the quality, cell phone cameras can only do so much :(

Sorry for the quality, cell phone cameras can only do so much :(

New Art Section

A new somethin somethin for ya today.  Under the “Order” link at the top the site, you’ll find a new section in “Other” dedicated to my artsy phartsy photos.  I wanted people to be able to have a copy of my artistic photos, but didn’t have a section that fit for them.  Well now I do, so go check it out.

Direct link to order my art photos!


So one of my car enthusiat buddies, Greg Scharton, needed an assistant today with some senior pics.  Being a fellow photography/car guy, I was glad to help.  Lucky for us, the senior wanted photos of her and her new Pontiac G6….aka rolling shots!  Obviously, I don’t have any of those senior pics, but I did snap a quick one of Greg at his finest.  Props to a good friend.



Greg Scharton - Photographer

Above Image - Greg Scharton - Photographer

Upcoming Events

Although it’s a bit slow right now, I have a lot of fun and exciting events coming up in the near future.  Check out what’s coming up for Jon Brewer Photography

Apr 25 – Wedding in Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Apr 26 – Rhea White’s senior photo shoot
May 9 – DriftINDY/WingedWarrier  Performance Car Competition – I’ll be doing photography for the drift comp. Thanks to Edgar for hookin’ me up with media passes!
Jun 7 – Midwest Volksfest  – As many of you know, I’m a huge VW enthusiast.  I’m sponsoring the show this year, along with some pretty big names (sweet!), and I’ll obviously be taking 100’s of pictures!

Back up and running!

Ah! So I woke up this morning to find the blog completely broken and not functioning at all!  After some cursing and running around like a mad man, I finally realized in my spring cleaning of my web space, I managed to delete the database for which this blog depends on!  Oops!  Fortunately, the amazing crew over at DreamHost, with whom my entire website is hosted by, had a backup available from yesterday before I went crazy with the delete key.  Seriously though, if you are looking for good, reliable web hosting, I strongly recommend DreamHost.  Anyways, all is well again, and I can start breathing once more.:)