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Natalie Wenzler

My friend Natalie needed some headshots done for some dance tryouts in NYC.  Figured I’d be able to lend a helping hand.  Approve?


Had to have some fun of course too, haha.


How to Save and Where to Spend Your Wedding Budget

Note: This is not my work. Credit goes to “kathanknows” at


Nearly every engaged couple has a picture of their “dream wedding” in mind. But trying to create it is very expensive and NOT necessary. The size and drama of the wedding does not equal the happiness a marriage will have.

As a wedding coordinator, I have found a few ways to save money onweddings. You really can have a wedding for under $5,000 and not serve your guests pizza at the reception. But you must have a spending plan (some people use that ugly word, “budget”)! Creating a spending plan together and sticking to it is a great exercise for an engaged couple and is the perfect preparation for your marriage.

The bonus is you get to actually keep the money you get in gifts from your guests!

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New Business Number

Just an update to everyone. I have a new dedicated number for Jon Brewer Photography. I can be reached now at (317) 747-0871. For personal calls, you can still reach me at my old cell phone number. Thanks!