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New Gear

Just picked up some sweet new gear today…ok well it’s on its way over from California, but you get the point. Anyway, I ordered a portable backdrop stand and some muslin backdrops for some indoor portrait work. Finally, I can do photos inside now! I’ll definitely snap up some pics when they arrive!

Site Changes

There’s been a few subtle changes going around the website.  If you haven’t noticed them already, I’ll give you guys a rundown of what all has been added.

Pricing page – There is now one page for easy viewing of my basic price scheme for wedding, senior portraits, engagement sessions, etc.  Remember, I am always flexible, so if something doesn’t quite fit for you, ask me!

Site map – At the bottom of the page, next to the copyright info, is a link to the site map.  This will give you a quick rundown of the layout of Jon Brewer Photography, in case you happen to get lost.

Links/Bookmarks – Also at the foot of the site is a list of links to popular bookmarking sites, such as Digg, Stumbleupon, etc.  If you happen to use these services, this will give you quick access for bookmarking this site.  Also, I have included direct links to my Twitter and Facebook pages for quick access there as well.

I’m sure more changes will come in the future.  I will definitely keep you posted as they come along.:)

We’re a sponsor!

Who know I’d grow big and fast enough to be a sponsor for an event.  Holy enchiladas!  Anyways, as many of you know, my heart bleeds VW (and black and gold, boiler up!), so when given the opportunity to sponsor our annual Midwest Volksfest (formerly Midwest Dubfest), I couldn’t turn down the offer.  This puts me on the same playing field as guys like NOS energy drink!

So yeah, quite exciting for Jon Brewer Photography!  Anyways, check out the details of Midwest Volksfest at  :)

Help a friend out!

My old friend, Jackie Knowles, from elementary/middle/high school (lol) is applying to be an intern for STA Travel. Aka she gets to travel the world…for free! At first I was jealous, but now I can see why this is perfect for her. So I definitely suggest you give her a helping hand.

All you have to do is watch her Youtube video, hear about why she’s perfect for the job, go “awww” when she talks about working for Radio Disney and dancing and singing w/ little kids and leave a comment!

Here’s the link, or click thru the break to watch the video!

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