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Lighting Diagrams – August 6

After wrapping up shooting with Jordan, I realized this would be a good time to do a quick lighting diagram for you guys, and show you all how I set up some of my shots from that afternoon/evening.  Unlike my first diagram post, this one will cover a few shots with a few more setup/before-after […]

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Workshop Results

Yesterday, I tried my hand at hosting a photography workshop for anyone who was willing to drop in and make a small donation to the Boys & Girls Club.  I didn’t really get the turnout I was expecting (4 total, but then again, I should probably try to give at least a week’s notice….oops), but […]

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Photography Workshop

After much inquiry, I will be hosting a photography workshop this Saturday, April 10 (late notice, I know).  You are welcome to come and learn some of the basic, and not-so-basic skills of taking better photos.  Additionally, all of the proceeds will be donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis.  So not only […]

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Lighting Diagrams

Late on Sunday nights, when I should really be focusing on important things like getting ready for all the things in the week ahead, I usually come up with my silly ideas for this blog.  Tonight is no different.  For all of you budding photogs out there, this is my dedication to you.  I’m going […]

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