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March Madness!

The time has come basketball fans. The big dance begins this weekend. And as a big college hoops fan, Jon Brewer Photography is going to join in the shenanigans. We’ve set up a bracket tournament over on ESPN‘s website for you guys to join (it’s free). I’ll announce the winner of each round (no prizes, just bragging rights), and after the final game is won here in Indy, I will announce the overall winner, who will receive dinner from Scotty’s Brewhouse courtesy of Jon Brewer Photography (or another place if you don’t like Scotty’s…which is a shame). Like I said, it’s free to join. Tell all your friends, pass along the word. Just follow the link below and enter “photo” as the password. Enjoy!

Click here to sign up. Remember, password is “photo”.

Scotty’s Lakehouse

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to start a blog series showcasing local businesses here in the Indy area whose owners have a unique level of dedication and fun in running their organization.  The first in this series comes from a restaurateur whose 5 previous locations are synonymous with college in Indiana.  If you’re from Indy or have attended college at IU, Purdue, IUPUI, Butler, or Ball State recently, you’re probably already very familiar with Scotty’s Brewhouse.  After following owner Scott Wise’s Twitter recently, I realized there would be a new, different Scotty’s coming to town…Scotty’s Lakehouse in Geist.  Being a native Geist resident and long-time client of Scotty’s Brewhouse, I had to check this out.  Read on for the rest of the story.

NOTE: Apologies for the photo quality.  I know I’m a professional photographer, but I just had my camera with basic lens attached and didn’t want to cause a scene with a bunch of gear and flashes going off in a busy restaurant.  If I’m able to work something out to get more commercial photos taken in the future, I will let you all know.

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Lolo - I didn’t realize this was just a burger joint variation of Scotty’s going in at Geist? I am intrigued…it sounds a lot different than the other Scotty’s…oh, and I have an Australian friend down here that SWEARS by putting fried eggs on all of her sammies, including burgers. I guess that’s the thing to do down under.

Lolo - P.S. It’s good Scotty’s is putting something in Indy with local flavor and a different concept, I didn’t realize until I moved down here how much Indy lacks a good “food scene,” because it’s INCREDIBLE here…still….good for Scotty’s…I want some dill chips

Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company | Jon Brewer Photography - […] you may have seen from a previous post (aka, the opening of Scotty’s Lakehouse in Geist), I’m quite a fan of the Scotty’s Brewhouse franchise as a whole, and tend to […]

Caity Sams

Just a note.  Tis much colder in Indy’s alleyways than it is up in the sun on the railroad tracks.  Either way, it took some serious cahones on both our parts to create these images!  Thanks Caity for being patient with me in the snow!

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Amanda Haynie - These are stunning!

Amy Woerner - Love the ones with the hood!! Great job!!

Barb - These are wonderful! Gorgeous girl! “Flyaway hair with hood” is my favorite!

Erica - Jon, You are so talented!!!!! Your work amazes me every time!