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Our Newest Studio Assistant – Charles

Please welcome the newest member to our Jon Brewer Photography family, Charles. His tasks include chewing on camera bags, makings brides’ hearts go aflutter and playing fetch with his two JBP partners. Feel free to request his presence at your next meeting with JBP and we’ll do our best to add it to his busy schedule!

Kelsey - Aw, I love him! :)

Using Pinterest To Plan Your Wedding

Pinterest, if you have not discovered, is one of the newest social media crazes blazing through the Internet.  Have you ever created a mood board or torn favorite sheets out of magazines? Pinterest combines all great idea organization mediums in an online, digital format, allowing you to save (pin) and share any creative ideas.  Click “Read more” to find out how to take advantage of this tool as your plan for your upcoming wedding!

Step 1 – Set Up A Pinterest Account

If you are new to Pinterest and need to set-up an account, creating a new user is very easy.  To get started, simply visit and sign up with either a Facebook, Twitter, or email account.

Creating a Pinterest Account

Step 2 – Create “Boards”

Boards within the Pinterest interface are similar to a cork board in real life.  Create a board for each category of your wedding.  For example, you could have a board for color schemes, dress ideas, invitation themes, reception decoration, etc.  We personally love barn-inspired weddings, so the Jon Brewer Photography Pinterest account has a barn wedding board!

Creating Boards and Creating New Pins

Step 3 – Start Following Others

Pinterest has a tool that allows you to look up friends from Facebook and Twitter. Of course, you will want to start by following Jon Brewer Photography on Pinterest, as we try to pin great wedding ideas as we find them (just click the red “Follow All” button towards the top center of the page)!  We also recommend following important and fun wedding sites such as: TheKnot, Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart Weddings, Green Wedding Shoes, and Perfect Wedding Guide.

Jon Brewer Photography Pinterest Page

Step 4 – Pinning!

As the name of the site implies, “pinning” is the heart of Pinterest. On the main page, you will begin to see recent pins from each person you follow.  If you see something you think would be awesome for your wedding, hover over the thumbnail image and a button that says “Repin” will pop-up on your screen.  Click the button and a list of your available boards will populate.  If you do not have a board already set up for the category, a place to create a new board will be at the bottom of the list  The idea of Pinterest boards is that you are now able to utilize your Pinterest account to visually see everything that you have previously pinned. These boards naturally make organizing ideas and thoughts much easier when it’s time to share ideas with a wedding coordinator, your friends or family members who may be helping you with your wedding, and for us here at Jon Brewer Photography.  Over the wedding season, JBP had several brides give us a link to their Pinterest “photo ideas” board so we could better understand of they were looking for throughout the big day.

Repinning Example

Step 4 – Mobile and Bookmarklets

Pinterest conveniently created a “Pin It” bookmark icon for users to use when surfing the web. Simply visit this page on Pinterest and follow the instructions (there is even a series of YouTube videos with step-by-step instructions). Now, if you see anything you think is great on any website, simply click the Pinterest “Pin It” button, and it will pop up a window to allow you to pin the site directly to your Pinterest boards. You do not have to leave the page that you are visiting! Pinterest also offers an app available for iPhone and Android users on the iTunes App Store and Google Play, respectively (sorry Blackberry fans!). This way, the majority of users can feed the Pinterest addiction no matter where you are at.

If you have any questions, comments, issues, or suggestions for future wedding planning ideas, please leave a comment below!  Happy pinning! -Jon & Kelsey

The Pinterest Mobile App for Android and iPhone

Andy & Laura – Indianapolis Engagement Photography

Andy and Laura enjoy a good long ride on a bike. That makes me smile from ear to ear. When they asked me about doing their engagement session on fun cruisers in Broad Ripple, I couldn’t help but say, “Of course!” Check out the awesome photos below and get excited for their wedding in October this year!

Locations: Indianapolis Sailing Club on Geist Resevoir & Monon Trail in Broad Ripple
Bike Rentals: Rusted Moon Outfitters, Broad Ripple