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Zach & Karen (and Chance!) – Indianapolis Family Photography

We had an awesome time the other day with Zach and Karen, who bravely fought the chilly late-fall weather to get some awesome photos to hang around the house and share with family and friends. Also, we (including Charles) had the pleasure of meeting their pup, Chance. If you ever want your pet in your family photos, we will happily invite them along on the shoot! Enjoy!


Andy & Laura Wedding Photography Teaser – Indianapolis Wedding Photography

Janie Shumaker - DO you know when the rest of the photos will be on-line?
You two did a GREAT job !!!

Jon - Hi Janie,

Thanks for the kind words!

Andy and Laura’s photos will be posted in 4-6 weeks. Click the “Events” link at the top of the page around Thanksgiving, and it should be up there. I’ll also make sure to reach out on our Twitter and Facebook pages (and of course, through Andy and Laura) to let everyone know! :)


Emily - Jon and Kelsey,

Words can not express how great it was to have you two with everyone throughout the day :) You were awesome!!