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My New GoPro HD!

So over this summer, I have picked up two fun things. The first one is mountain biking. I’ve always had a soft spot for cycling, and I’ve done road biking for a few years now, but I wanted something a little different. So I picked up a bike from Matthew’s Bicycles on Pendleton Pike (great guys by the way…they had a good chuckle when I came in less than a week later after faceplanting to check on the bike).

This is where the second part comes in. Being the photographer that I am, I had to find a way to capture my triumphs (and many, many spills) as I picked up this new sport. This is where the folks at GoPro come in (be warned, this next part’s about to get a little nerdy). They make a camera that does full 1080p @ 30fps or 720p @ 60fps…and it’s about the size of phone charger. Not only that, but it’s drop-proof, shock-proof, and water-proof (to 100m). And it’s only $300. Just think, a good point-and-shoot digital camera is the same price!

Anyways, here’s the first of many poorly-edited (I don’t do videography for a reason, ha!) clips I’ve put together to showcase the trails in Indy. If you have a cool idea for me to make use of this little gadget, let me know!



Ambria - LOVE IT!! something to capture all of our crazy moments at weddings :) hahaha

USA Synchro Teaser

So I had the awesome opportunity to be able to do some promo shoots for the 2011 U.S. National Synchronized Swimming Team. Yeah, like the one that will hopefully be rocking out in London next year. Pretty sweet deal, huh? While I can’t post up all the fun stuff just yet (including a future lighting diagram post), I’ll leave you with a little teaser for now.



barb - WOW!!!! These young women look totally different with their hair down! Beautiful and so strong! Who dare challenges them?

Susannah Hansley - I want to see more!

Billye Mccarty - I almost didn’t recognize my grandaughter. I’m used to only seeing her feet!

2012 USA Synchronized Swimming Olympic Duet: Mary Killman and Maria Koroleva [24 PHOTOS] - […] One of the few Olympic teams that has formally been decided on involves the USA Synchronized Swimming Duet of Mary Killman and Maria Koroleva. We’ve been chomping at the bit to announce to our readers some of the amazing athletes who will be representing their countries, and we’re honored to have these two ladies be our “first.” While the United States Synchronized Swimming Team didn’t qualify for the London 2012 Olympics, we’re sure that Mary and Maria will handle themselves properly while competing against 23 other duets. Check out the newest members of Team USA in their photos below. There are more than a few of them wearing bathing suits. That’s what swimmers wear, you know.  [background image via shutterstock. lead images via jonbrewerphotography] […]

Dustin & Morgan’s Engagement Shoot

Sorry for the delay in posting this one, guys and gals. Summertime is always crazy for wedding photographers! If we’re not shooting, we’re working on stuff for next year’s weddings and God knows what else.

Anyways, Dustin and Morgan are both teachers down in Louisville, KY. And because they live in the ‘ville, and Morgan is from the ‘ville…their wedding is going to be in Louisville! All at once now…YES!! If you haven’t been, Louisville has some seriously gorgeous parts of town, and I fully plan on exploiting as many of them as I can this October when their wedding rolls around. In the mean time, check out some awesome photos of Dustin and Morgan…and their great danes!:)



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Eric & Shannon Vaughan – June 25, 2011

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to share these photos with you! These images from Eric and Shannon’s wedding are simply stunning, and I think they’re going to be rocked right out of their socks when they get back from their honeymoon in Hawaii.:)

For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter (which you should!), Eric is an old high school friend of mine. Not to mention I had the honor of photographing his sister’s wedding in downtown Indianapolis last year (link), so it was definitely an honor for him and Shannon to ask me to photograph their wedding in Washington D.C. Yes, THE Washington D.C…you know, nation’s capital and all. No big deal…

So, I’m simply going to shut up and let the photos tell the story, because they have one heck of a story to tell!

P.S. – Today is National Camera Day (seriously!), so go take some photos!

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barb - Another fantastic wedding! Love all these pics… especially the reflection caught on the groom’s ring, and that first father and bride shot (seen here under the salt and pepper pic) is incredible. Reception looks rockin’! That CAKE! That CAKE! THAT BLOOMING CAKE!!! Gorgeous everything…They will treasure these photos forever.

Cathy Warren Olmstead - AWESOME Pictures!!!! My step-daughter just got engaged – wedding to be in 2013. As soon as we have a date planning on booking you – provided you don’t mind traveling to Alabama :)

Happy Father’s Day!

Being a wedding photographer, I get to see and capture a special bond that only exists between a father and his newlywed bride. Although the dads try their best to keep emotions on low, the feelings of anxiousness, nervousness, and bittersweet happiness are just too strong to hide. To see the all-too-often stoic-faced dads break a giant smile during the father daughter dance is always a sight to see. So here’s to the dad that have been a part of all of these weddings. I know your daughters still love you very much. Cheers!

Briann Belliveau - December 23, 2007

Amy Eisert - October 4, 2008

Kyla Kaufmann - April 25, 2009

Jamie Cox - August 8, 2009

Randi Farris - September 19, 2009

Carla Waite - June 26, 2010

Monica Dickey - September 11, 2010

Cassy Scott - September 25, 2010

Lindsey Hierholzer - October 16, 2010

Summer Smith - June 3, 2011 (same anniversary as her parents and grandparents!)

barb - Jon, PRECIOUS, just so precious!